Practice Made Perfect

Taking care of your patients, it’s your focus and what you do best. That’s why we developed a Pathway to Partnership™ program. Shasta Dental Services aligns experience and talent with you, the dentist, to meet a practice’s operational and business needs.

Doctor Led Ownership

Through our supported autonomy structure, and as a dentist owner, you will continue to make decisions focused on patient priority and optimal clinical outcomes. Through our Pathway to Partnership™ program we have a tailored approach to get you more than just ownership in your practice.

Pathway to Partnership™

Practice Ownership

At SDS we’re dedicated to removing barriers. If your sole goal is ownership let’s work toward that —our tailored program will help get you there. You’ll have the option to buy into your practice as you see fit.

Ownership + Options

To make your ownership even more fruitful our Pathway to Partnership program allows you to be part owner in every practice within the Shasta Dental Services family — so we can always grow together

Partner Network

Our industry is extremely fragmented and competitive. As part owner in every practice you have a panel of dentist to consult with should you encounter any hurdles. We know they have something to learn from you as well. 

Set for Success

As a part of the Shasta Dental Pathway to Partnership™ program you’ll have a stake in the growth of all SDS practices. And with many of the day-to-day administrative burdens removed you can enjoy improved work-life balance.

Access to more

Expand your influence and also receive input from a network of professionals. You’ll also be able to take advantage of all our support services so you can stay focused on helping patients. Now, you’ll be able to participate in more attractive long-term sell and exit plans for your practice.