Shasta Dental Careers

Career paths with Purpose

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Dental Professionals

Whether a seasoned professional or recently graduated and looking for a long term career, Shasta Dental Services may be the right fit for you. Let’s discuss your goals and priorities to see if we can align on interests and pursuits. 

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Business Professionals

Have you ever wanted to work for a wonderful organization in the healthcare industry? We are continually looking for talented individuals to join our executive, management, and staffing teams to help our practices and doctors be the best.

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Students and Graduates

If you plan to pursue a career in the dental field and want to learn more, we’d love to connect with you before you begin your journey. We invite you to come and see the benefits of potentially working with our support group.

Careers in Dentistry | Northern California

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Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth.

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Dental Assistant

Dental assistants provide patient care, take x rays, keep records, and schedule appointments.

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Perform root canal therapy, removing the nerves and blood supply from injured or infected teeth.

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Dental hygienists examine patients for signs of oral diseases, such as gingivitis, and provide preventive care, including oral hygiene.

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Oral Surgeon

Operates on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, neck, and head, performing procedures such as surgically repairing a cleft lip and palate or removing impacted teeth.


Orthodontists straighten teeth by applying pressure to the teeth with braces or other appliances

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentist focus on dentistry for children and special-needs patients.


Periodontists specialize in treating the gums and bones supporting the teeth

Work-life Balance in Shasta County

There’s a lot to love about living, working and raising a family in Shasta County. It provides a business friendly landscape, with many natural attractions, while housing costs are quite affordable in Northern California. 

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Why Dental professionals love Working Here

Doctor-led Ownership

Working with our team allows you to work towards an equitable partnership within our group! Through our unique Pathway to Partnership™ program, we provide leadership courses and advancement, CE programs, fringe benefits, lifestyle focus, and ownership within the practice.

We do the hard work

At Shasta Dental Services, we do the hard work for your dental practice by ordering supplies, hunting down receivables, marketing, HR, licensing, and training. With our patient-friendly environment, our social and community outreach programs, we know you will be proud to deliver “results-driven dentistry, starting with patients and people.”

Benefits Packages Available

  • Malpractice coverage – company paid (for F/T Dentist)
  • Continuing Education (CE) programs provided at no cost to you
  • 401K
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • Ask about profit sharing compensation
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Fringe benefits (corporate perks)

Built for Successful Ownership

You have goals to own your practice. You take the lead with our supporting team and services there to help you provide excellent care every step of the way. Additionally, we provide a tailored program for you to share in the entire family of Shasta Dental Services groups through our Pathway to Partnership™ program (P2P)